Design of Steel Structures
We have a professional design team that can provide customers with a wide range of steel structure.

Purchase high-quality raw materials
We provide all types of pure steel products. We ensure product control based on the business philosophy of integrity, service, and quality.

Steel Production
We use advanced computerized production lines and a “state of the art” fully automated machinery; thereby producing high-quality products efficiently. Our cutting, surface grinding, and billet welding facility can operate 24 hours if necessary.

Steel Fabrication
We use machinery to remove rust, weld coating, welding spatter, oil, dust, and other debris from the steel's surface. We also use high-quality paint to ensure that all KSE products are durable, aesthetic and meet clients’ requirements.

Transportation and Installation
KSE has a highly competent professional transportation and installation team. In short, our professional team ensures the safe and efficient delivery and installation of our products.


Countries: Malaysia, Singapore

Major Projects