Our company

Khean Seng Engineering Sdn Bhd (KSE), founded in 1979, is the largest steel structure specialist in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. We use cutting-edge equipment and proven automation machinery.

Recent years, we have bagged the prestigious:

Our professional team offers steel industry expertise and consultancy.

We enhance and increase productivity through more efficient production line scheduling, higher standardisation processes, and manpower reduction strategies. Rest assured, market sensitivity and understanding are foremost in our approaches.

Protecting the environment and life sustenance is our mission! KSE has always emphasised corporate social responsibility and team spirit. Besides contributing to our national economy, we strive to achieve zero waste and promote a green environment.

We are proud that we have optimized product quality as well as service efficiency through the use of automated machinery and integrated-controlled production lines. KSE’s superb casting technology has imprints in award-winning projects including the Langkawi Panorama Bridge (2005 Swiss Steel Design Award) and the Prai River Swing Bridge (2013 IEM Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award). We have experiences in many mega projects such as architectural structures, basic facilities, high-rise connecting bridges, iron bridges, swing bridges, express rail, MRT tracks, and so on.


Our production safety control is highly stringent and systematic. From the requirement that employees wear safety equipment to the comprehensive safety facilities of all processes and high-altitude operations, we implement the critical concept of safety first and foremost. Safe development, high-quality development, and sustainable development are our comparative advantages and the foundation of the enterprise's market growth.


With over 160,000 square feet of fully covered production area, we are able to maximize our production output; producing 800 - 1200 metric tons of structural steel per month depending on the building design. KSE has purchased the adjacent piece of land to expand the factory. And we will continue to employ advanced and sophisticated equipment to better serve our customers.

Competitive edges

We guarantee professional and comprehensive engineering planning consultation. Our hallmarks include excellent quality control, accurate and effective solutions, scheduled delivery, and reliable after-sales service.