The Extensive.

One of the Largest Steel Fabricator in Northern Region.

With over 3.68 acreages roofed workshop equipped with 3 units of 5 to 10 Tons Overhead Crane, Khean Seng Engineering has been able to run production 24 hours a day high quality fabricated structures especially those requiring high end quality welding.

On the other hand, to provide faster and superior weldings, Khean Seng Engineering has invested nearly a million Ringgit Malaysia on from year 2000 until year 2001 to import 4 units of Lincoln SMAW auto welding machine enable us to fabricate structure such as Welded Box Column, Welded Beams and etc.

To achieve the mission of providing our customer with fast and high quality product, every year Khean Seng Engineering is review, studying and will invest on some of the latest manufacturing technologies or machineries available in market.

MACHINES LISTING: | Cutting || Forming || Welding || Surface Preparation & Painting || Material Handling

01 unit Thomas Blade Saw saw bulk and thick material
01 unit SSEW Hydraulic Press-Break trim up to 5 mm thick and 2440 mm width
01 unit Japan Sharp Cutter Worker cut up to 80 mm thick plate
02 units IMP Auto Cutter cut up to 80 mm thick plate
02 units Iwatani Double Head Auto Cutter cut up to 80 mm thick plate at 2 sides
09 units Iwatani Auto Cutter cut up to 80 mm thick plate
01 unit WIM Plasma Cutter cut up to 80 mm thick plate

01 unit Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworkers punching pressure: 165 Tons, throat depth: 510mm, punch capacity: 37 x 32 diameter
02 units Asada Thread Runner form up to 32 mm diameter screw
01 unit SSEW Hydraulic Press form 90 degree angle at 9 mm thick
06 units Magnetic Drill drill up to 50 mm diameter hole

01 unit WIM TIG Welding Machine weld stainless-steel
06 units WIM CO2 Welding Machine weld MS steel
03 units Lincoln SMAW Machine auto welding for thick plate
03 units WIM Gold Arc Welder semi-auto welding
56 units Arc Welder manual arc welding
06 units 160A DC Inverter portable welding
03 units 230A DC Inverter portable welding
01 unit Oven remove the welding rod moisture
08 units Hot Box maintain the welding rod dryness

Surface Preparation & Painting.
01 unit Auto Sand Blast Machine capacity: 600mm (H) x 1500mm (W)
01 unit Swan Air Compressor capacity: 15Hp
01 unit Swan Air Compressor capacity: 10Hp
02 units Pressure Feed Tank Air Spray Unit capacity: 420ml/minute

Material Handling.
02 units 5 tones OH Crane 5 tones handling capability
01 unit 10 tones OH Crane 10 tones handling capability
02 units 5 tones Toyota Forklift 5 tones handling capability

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